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Using PyPAD to Generate PAD Updates

Beginning with v3.0.1, Rivendell uses a system called 'PyPAD' to generate program associated data ("PAD", sometimes also referred to in the Rivendell docs as "Now & Next") updates in real time. Each time a log event starts or stops in RDAirplay, PyPAD can be configured to call one or more Python scripts, each of which are handed the parameters of the event to be be processed and/or forwarded by the code in the script. An overview of the system can be found in the Program Associated Data chapter in the Rivendell Operations Guide.

While PyPAD is explicitly designed to make it relatively easy for even novice Python coders to create their own custom scripts, Rivendell also ships with a set of pre-installed scripts that can deal with many common update scenarios, including sending updates for:

  • RDS/RDBS displays
  • Online streaming encoders/players
  • Station web sites
  • Associated data displays (such as the Text Display Widget in WallTime

Icecast2 Meta Data from Rivendell

Rivendell ships with a PyPAD script called that can be used to update the 'Currently playing' display in IceCast v2.x setups. To configure it, proceed as follows:

  1. Start RDAdmin and go to Manage Hosts => <hostname> => PyPAD Instances.
  2. Touch the 'Add' button to open a list of available PyPAD scripts.
  3. Choose from the list and then touch 'Open'. An 'Edit PyPAD Instance' dialog will open.
  4. Find the 'Password=', 'Hostname=', 'Tcpport=' and 'Mountpoint=' entries in the configuration and change them to the values appropriate for your Icecast server. (The configuration contains other entries that can also be used to customize the behavior of the updating process, such as limiting the ability to send PAD updates to a specific subset of carts on the basis of group membership. See the accompanying comments in the configuration for details).
  5. Touch the 'OK' button.
  6. A new line will appear in the 'PyPAD Instances' dialog. The status light at the start of the line should turn green after a few seconds. If it remains red, select the entry on the list and then touch the 'Error Log' button to see any error messages or warnings generated by the script. Close the dialog, then touch the 'Edit' button and make any needed changes to the configuration. Repeat the process until a green status light is obtained.

N.B. - Due to the way that the IceCast server software is designed, PAD update messages must be seen by the server to originate from the same IP address as that being used to originate the associated audio stream. Provided that the audio encoder and Rivendell are accessing Icecast by means of the same NAT'ed firewall, this requirement will generally be met. If not, then PyPAD can often be configured to send PAD via the audio encoder.