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Setup of Hot Standby rdcatchd events

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On Friday 27 July 2007 12:57, Andrew (1550 AM) wrote:
> What happens when a system which is setup for Hot-standby (as prescribed
> in the appnote) is swapped in for a failed "master" which has a lot of
> RDCatch events? My understanding that those events are specific to a
> certain host. Is there a way to quickly copy those events to the standby
> host?

The CLI command is 'rdcatch_copy'.

Here's the nomenclature:

rdcatch_copy -h <src-mysql-host> -s <src-rd-host> -H <dest-mysql-host> -S <dest-rd-host>

Using this, you can copy all the events from one RDCatch machine to run
on another RDCatch machine.  It was created in response to a situation
just like yours where thousands of events live on one machine yet need to
move (in case of crash, temporary move, etc.) to another machine.

Sherrod Munday