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RDAdmin first start - "Wrong access permissions for accessing mysql!"

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Q: I have just installed Rivendell. But, when I start the rdadmin after I enter the the root mysql user info it gives me the error message:"Wrong access permissions for accessing mysql!" What is wrong?

A: This error occurs when the owner of /etc/rd.conf and the group of /etc/rd.conf do not match values after the AudioOwner= and AudioGroup= in /etc/rd.conf.

How to fix this. Open a terminal and then run the following command:

ls -l /etc/rd.conf

This will list out some thing like this:

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 37 2010-02-02 13:45 /etc/rd.conf

In this case the first root is the owner of the file while the second root is the group the file belongs to.

To change this to match the ones in /etc/rd.conf run something like this:

chown user:group /etc/rd.conf

Ubuntu users need sudo in front like so:

sudo chown user:group /etc/rd.conf

where user is the AudioOwner in /etc/rd.conf and group is the AudioGroup in /etc/rd.conf.