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Proper MySQL database migration

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On 8/9/07, Erik Anderson <> wrote:
>  I wiped a box and plan to migrate Rivendell to the box, moving everything
> from the old RD machine to the new one. After searching the wiki and forum,
> I am not finding the answer to a fairly straightforward question. What is
> the proper method for getting RD migrated? I assume it is:
>    - Prepare the box for RD
>    - Place audio in /var/snd
>    - Install RD and configure everything for the machine, but not the
>    host.
>    - Using RDAdmin to restore the database.
I've done it this way and it has worked fine. Just add a new host based on
your old host after you have restored the DB from within RDAdmin. Then you
can remove the old host.