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No Sound output or input after setting up Jack or Audio Science Sound Card when they were not the first card

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Q: I'm setting up a new install of Rivendell for a client and am running into some issues I've never encountered before with an AudioScience card. Long story short, no audio will play. In the library under edit markers I can see the waveform of the file, but the play controls are grayed out. For whatever it's worth, I can play audio with 'asihpiplay *.wav' but nothing through Rivendell. Any thoughts?

A:The default behavior is for first input and output(Normally, Card 0, Port 0) to be assigned to Inputs and Outputs for all Rivendell applications (RDAirplay, RDLibrary, RDCatch, etc.). I don't know how many times guys have come on the IRC channel having installed jackd and say the meters are going and I have sound on the speakers but I don't get any sound out in jack. This is the same problem. The ALSA card was the first card/port and therefore assigned to the Rivendell applications in RDAdmin. You must assign an output or input for the card in question in RDAdmin. RDAdmin>Manage Hosts> select host >Edit> then select the Rivendell application(RDAirplay,RDLibrary,etc.) that you want to assign input or outputs for.