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Importing an audio file gets to about 50%, pauses, and then fails with an unhelpful error

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  1. Be sure to check the permissions on the /var/snd directory.
    The permissions should be such that it is owned by the AudioUser and AudioGroup specified in the configuration file (/etc/rd.conf). If it is not, change the ownership in a console like this either using "sudo" or switching to the root user (replace <AudioOwner> and <AudioGroup> with what is specified in the configuration file):
    chown -R <AudioOwner>.<AudioGroup> /var/snd
  2. (OLD - the dependency on sox has been removed) This is caused when normalization is turned on as it reads the file in and then starts normalization at the 50% mark. The Rivendell Ubuntu packages require, but for some reason do not correctly specify, a dependency on additional codecs for sox. Installing 'libsox-fmt-all' from apt will correct that omission.