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Tired of waiting around for an answer on the email lists? Need some real time help with Rivendell?

There are a number of Rivendell Internet Relay Chat(IRC) channels on the network with live discussion and support. This is the recommended option when the issue is somewhat "tricky" to troubleshoot and needs real time interaction.

For more information on the channels and channel rules and such check out the channel page.

The current IRC channels are:

#rivendell - The main support channel in English.

#rivendell-de - The German language support channel.

#rivendell-fr - The French Language support channel.

#rivendell-es - The Spanish Language support channel.

#rivendell-pt - The Portuguese Language support channel.

#rivendell-chat - The off topic channel, because sometimes you might have to talk about something other than Rivendell.

#rivendell-dev - The development channel for programmers of the Rivendell code and discussion.

#rivendell-broadcast - Discussion channel for Radio Broadcasters regarding Rivendell, interfacing broadcast equipment to Rivendell. This is a good place to discuss compiling drivers for measurement computing GPIO cards and drivers for Audio Science sound cards.

#rivendell-streaming - Discussion channel for Users streaming using Rivendell. Good place to discuss your audio streaming setup and meta data feeds.

#rivendell-instore - Discussion channel for users using Rivendell to provide in store music or in any other place providing a music service.

The best method to join a channel is to point your IRC client to and join the #rivendell channel. After that you can ask your question there. If a lot discussion follows and the channel gets busy you may be asked to hop to one of the other channels to continue.

  [[1]] or get your irc client on and type /join #rivendell

If you do not have a IRC client then try using the web browser based service by clicking on the channel names above. This may not work with all web browsers. If you do not see the reCAPTCHA letters it is not working.

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