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How to change the text editor that RDLogManager logs and reports display with

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Q: Where do you defined the text editor program to use in reports and rdlogmanager.

A: You can customize what application the reports get opened in by setting the 'VISUAL' environmental variable. For example, to configure RD to use kwrite on SuSE, edit the '.bashrc' file in your home directory (/home/yourlinuxusername/) and add the following line:

export VISUAL=kwrite

Then, log out of the X11 session and log right back in. Now, all your RD reports will be displayed using a nice GUI-based editor with buttons for printing, saving, etc.

Answer for Ubuntu: You must add a line to your .profile configuration file. This is a hidden file so to find it you can do the following, from the Main Ubuntu menu >Places>Home Folder>View> tick "Show Hidden Files".

Right-click on the .profile file and select open with gedit. If you would like to use gedit as your editor in Rivendell applications to view reports add this line:

export VISUAL=/usr/bin/gedit

You can use any text editor you would like. I use Scribes. My line in .profile looks like this:

export VISUAL=/usr/bin/scribes

If you want to find the path to your favorite text editor, type which followed by the editor name. So to find the path for gedit:

which gedit

Note: After editing your .profile you will need to at least log out of your gnome session and back in for the new variable to be read.