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Flexroute Digital Receiver

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The Flexroute Digital Receiver ouputs serial data that can be used to fire off events in Rivendell. You need to have Rivendell monitor the serial strings being sent out for the desired command and act upon it.

The Rivendell Macro Language has the following command for the ripcddaemon to act upon incoming serial data.


Mnemonic: SI

Syntax: SI <port> <cart> <string>! 

Insert a serial trap to execute the macro cart <cart> upon receipt of <string> on serial port <port>.

Q: This looks like it's meant to do the job, however the problem we have found is the serial data string contains more than just the switch code we are looking for, EB is the trigger string in the data stream in our case. If the string EB has to be a exact match to the serial data string then it won't work. If the string can be set to trigger upon seeing EB in the serial data stream then it will work. This is how it's done now and we are hoping that the string can be set to *EB* = anything switchcode anything.

A: Just using 'EB' should do what you want. No stars necessary (we're not using regexes here).

Fred Gleason, Chief Rivendell Developer, Paravel Systems