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DHCP vs. static IP addresses

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On Tuesday 14 August 2007 16:42, Federico Grau wrote:
> Has anyone used DHCP (dynamically assigned) IP addresses with Rivendell
> workstations?  I see in rdadmin that there are several fields referencing a
> Rivendell hosts' IP address and hostname.  We have experienced problems if
> they don't all match ... so I can't really imagine how things would work in
> a DHCP environment where the IP and hostname are potentially changing
> frequently.

In a nutshell -- DHCP won't work well in a Rivendell environment.  Early on in
the design process, I did experiment with using DNS to resolve hostnames.
Because of the non-deterministic nature of the DNS protocol (recursive
lookups, etc), it didn't play at all nice with realtime performance.  (When
the user hits PLAY, it needs to play *now*, not when some name server three
lookups away gets around to resolving a name.)  Hence, the static IP address
entries in the RD database.

Fred Gleason