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The Big Book of Rivendell Cookbook

In response to a question from mailing list contributor drew Roberts in February, 2020 Frank Christel posted his “table of contents” to a book describing aspects of Rivendell. This set of pages strives to achieve that book. Please consider contributing to it, either directly here on the wiki or by submitting to the mailing list. (See also the category “Category:Cookbook” for organizing this subset of wiki articles.)

Here for posterity is Frank's opening paragraph:

“It’s always my hope when embarking on new explorations (such as a journey to Rivendell) that someone has written a travel guide. Something that doesn’t so much explain the nuts and bolts of how things work, but instead tells inspiring stories about the journey and what to see and do. Testimonies about overcoming obstacles. How whipping up raw ingredients yielded a yummy concoction.”

Table of Contents

Chapter titles for a “Big Book of Rivendell Cookbook” might include: