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Q: How do I get the the Rivendell dropbox system working with the Content Depot satellite receiver?


Related Infomation:

The the shows are stored in the Content Depot Receiver in the following manner. First it has the actual store (archive) that you don't want to fool with and two aliased lists of the data (CutID, and CDlongname) The best to use is the CutID as it is by number and the number is always the same for each show.

Content Depot Recevier information from Rivendell News file:

"Dropbox Changes. Several new dropbox features have been added, including the ability to configure a box not to delete source files after import (particularly useful in conjunction with satellite-based audio delivery services such as AMB-OS and PRSS ContentDepot). Also new is the ability to apply an automatic date offset to any encoded Start or End Date value of imported files."

So, it maybe a good idea to configure your dropbox so it does not delete the source files.

PRSS's site lists Rivendell with automation systems that have been certified to work with the PRSS Content Depot and states:

In all cases, the vendor has certified that their product can ingest and play ContentDepot files; in most cases, the vendor has tested their systems with sample files.

The PRSS box is sharing the content via the Window's File Sharing/Samba. See the linked document, page 19, section File Sharing.

Also, in that section of the document is the setup information for file sharing.

The files are stored as mp2 files with a wave rapper on the Content Depot box. PRSS has sample files on their website.

From the manuals on that page it says that they are using the cart chunk headers. Seeing that Rivendell's RDImport (and dropboxes as well) have a switch  --use_cartchunk-cutid, Rivendell will understands those headers and can if told to can import them into the database. 

However, when I tried to add a dropbox on my test system (RDAdmin>Manage Hosts>Select the host>Edit>Dropboxes>Add) with the samba protocol smb:// , a box popped up to inform me that this protocol is not supported. This may mean that you need to setup a script maybe using rsync to copy the files from the Content Depot box to your Rivendell box. The folder that your copy them to on your Rivendell box would then be your dropbox.

By the way ftp:// and http:// also produced the same message, so this may mean that only local folders and files are supported in dropboxes.

See this question on the FAQ page on the wiki for one other important thing to remember about dropboxes!