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Compiling Rivendell Components in Windows

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The following response on April 6, 2007 by Fred Gleason was in response to a question on the Rivendell-prog mailing list about compiling some of the Rivendell components in Windows.

I've been using VC++ .net (the '2003' version) with Qt 3.2.1. Qt 4.* *should* work (TrollTech takes backward source compatibility *very* seriously), but I have yet actually to try it.

Before trying to build Rivendell, you do need to have the build environment set up for MySQL (headers, .LIBs and .DLLs). Info on that can be found on the MySQL web site. For Rivendell itself, start by unpacking the 'libradio' and 'rivendell' sources, and then rename the top-level directories to 'libradio' and 'rivendell' respectively. (The Rivendell makefiles depend on this naming scheme). Cd to the top level directory of 'libradio' and then do:

qmake -o Makefile

(The 'nmake' is VCC++ specific -- if you're using a different compiler, substitute the appropriate 'make' invocation.)

Next, cd to the top-level directory of 'rivendell' and do the same thing, to wit:

qmake -o Makefile

And that's it. No 'make install' rules -- Windows-land requires a separate 'installation generator' (read: more $$$) for that. I use a 'light' version of Install Shield to generate the setups distributed on

Good luck, and give a shout if you run into any gremlins.


Frederick F. Gleason, Jr.
Chief Developer
Paravel Systems