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Can I move just my audio carts to another Rivendell System?

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Q: I would like to do a total Rivendell database overhaul and basically start over with a new system setup. The only thing that I would like to keep is my music library. Is there a way that I can keep the music data (name, artist, album, scheduler codes, etc.) and easily integrate it back into a new rivendell database?

A: You might want to check out the 'rivendell-filter' utility (part of the 'rivendell-importers' package), which was designed to do precisely this sort of thing --i.e. copy carts from one Rivendell DB to another.

Frederick F. Gleason, Jr. Chief Developer Paravel Systems

Note: See /usr/share/doc/rivendell/RIVENDELL_FILTER.txt on a computer with Rivendell installed for more information.