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CHAIN TO at end of log does not always work properly

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Q: I have setup a CHAIN TO event at the end of my log and sometimes it works other times it does not? What is going on?

A: The IP address in RDAdmin for the host RDAirplay is running on is set to This setting does not work reliably. Rivendell communicates via network ports and tries to send the CHAIN TO command to the ip address in the RDAdmin settings.

You can either change this setting to the loopback address if it is a single computer installation of either or,

or if the computer is part of a multiple computer Rivendell installation it is best to set the ip address to whatever the computer is using for an ip address.

NOTE: If you do the latter of the above two, it is also a good idea to either set the computer to a static ip address or reserve an ip address on the DHCP server for your network so that the computer always gets the same ip address.