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Problems backing up or restoring the Rivendell Database

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Q: I'm having problem backing and restoring databases on a new Rivendell 1.72 system I just installed. I have been running a standalone system for a while now and decided it was time to move to a dedicated server and workstations. I have everything installed and working except for backup and restore. If I try to restore a database from the workstation it gives me an error message saying it can't restore the database. It also seem to corrupt the database. I have to delete the database and create a new one in order to reload RDAdmin. After creating a new database and loading a few songs in it, I tried to backup the newly created database, but I get an error saying unable to backup database. I've searched through old threads and found one that says mysqldump is used for the backup. Does this need to be on the workstation or just the server and where should it be located? If it is on the server, do i need to mount that dir on the workstation or is it better if I just install Rivendell on the server and try to backup and restore from that PC. Or maybe I'm completely missing something. All PC's are running Ubuntu 10.4.

A: As I seem to recall you'll need to have MySQLDump installed on the local workstation, as it runs locally and contacts your MySQL server across the network. You can accomplish this by installing the MySQL-Client package on the workstation.

For Ubuntu 10.04 you will probably need MySQL5.1, so try running:

sudo apt-get install mysql-client-5.1