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Podcasting crash course

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From: Fred Gleason <> Subject: Re: [RDD] Buncha Questions

On Wednesday 20 February 2008 05:00:57 am David E Smith wrote: > However, nothing except the mp3's ever get uploaded to the > webserver. Where are those RSS feeds and XML files?

There are no 'XML files'. However, we trick the end-users into thinking there are by having Apache generate them on-the-fly when requested. To set it up using the RPMs, just install the 'rivendell' and 'rivendell-web' packages on the web server, set up the database connection in '/etc/rd.conf' and enable the 'apache2' service. (No need to run the 'rivendell' service on the web server).

The feeds can then be accessed with a URL like this:

If you want to see this in action, try:


If you're installing from source, then you'll need to include the 'conf/rd-bin.conf' file in the Apache configuration. This file is generated automatically by the build system on the basis of the location specified for the web scripts (by means of the --libexecdir= switch to 'configure'). Then, just restart Apache.