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How to handle Daylight Savings Time/Summer Time changes in Rivendell

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Q: We are nearing the end of Daylight Savings Time. How do I add an extra hour so things work correctly in Rivendell?

A: RDLogEdit> select the log >Edit> Add your extra hour of audio carts

Comment: This is even more important in the fall, when 015959EDT is followed by 010000EST, and the entire hour is repeated.

A: This is handled by inserting a second 0100 hour, immediately after the first.

Comment: I can visualize -- though not at this moment describe -- some circumstances in which I could envision that breaking...

A: Here's one: hard start times in the "second" 0100 hour.

Q: I assume it doesn't actually cause too much trouble in practice?

A: Actually, it hasn't to date. We should find a less ad-hoc way to handle it though. We have eight months.

In the US the time change in the Autumn/Fall of the year is at 01:59:59 when the clock goes back to 01:00:00. I know some other parts of the world make the time change at other times of the night. In some areas the time change happens at 02:59:59 when the clock goes back to 02:00:00.

So to sum up, for the transition from Daylight savings time to Standard Time:

1) Add a second hour of programing to the log for the hour that will happen twice that night.

2) Do not use any hard start times in the second hour for the repeating hour in the log that would cause the log to jump from the first hour to the second hour in the log.