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Using Rivendell As A Video Playout System

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Rivendell Video Playout System

High Level Explanation of what is going on

Basically, using Rivendell as a video (television?) automation system involves the "trick" of using macro carts in a video group (in several video dedicated groups?) with cart_cut numbers matching the video file names and storing them in /var/vid where Rivindell's normal audio goes in /var/snd

There is some macro and bash script "trickery" which allows a log of video macro carts loaded into rdairplay to thay the videos as scheduled. A jock in the studion sitting in front of the rdairplay screen can do a lof of what a radio station jock can do.

Learn to use Rivendell as a Radio Automation System First

I suggest you get to know Rivendell as it is intended to be used first.

  • Learn rdlibrary for managing your assets.
  • Learn rdlogmanager and how to use events, clocks, and grids to generate logs.
  • Learn how to use rdairplay to play your audio.
  • Etc.

Rivendell Video Playout System on github.

You can get the info and code you need to do this from github: