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Rivendell 3

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The next major version of Rivendell [v3.x] is currently in ALPHA testing. It includes the following enhancements over Rivendell 2.x:

  • Fully Unicode-complaint, with support for both Basic Multilingual Plane [BMP] and Supplemental characters.
  • Qt Toolkit dependency upgraded from Qt3 to Qt4.
  • Synchronous event notification between instances.
  • High density log play-out (up to 20 per-instance), using 'virtual logs' that do not require an active X Windows server instance.
  • Scalability to hundreds of instances using a single database.
  • Portable library to simplify creation of WebAPI clients (available for Linux and Windows)
  • Increase in the maximum number of audio cards to 24 per instance.
  • Increase in the maximum number of audio ports to 24 per card.

Testing Rivendell 3

The easiest way to test Rivendell 3 is by means of the online installation script, which can be used with a Minimal installation of CentOS 7 to create a fully functional installation. RPMs for CentOS 7 are also available at [1], while source code is available at [2].