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Network Switcher setup - Broadcast Tools SS 8.2

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Charles Sagona told me on 05/01/2007 08:21 AM:
> I need some advice on setting up a Broadcast Tools SS 8.2 switcher… the
> switcher is already wired so I need info about the RD side of it. We
> carry network programming such as talk shows and music that come down
> from a satellite.

Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 08:54:49 -0500
From: Michael Barnes
Subject: Re: [RDD] Help with Network Switcher
To: User discussion about the Rivendell Radio Automation System <>

RDAdmin > Manage Hosts > <host>/Edit > Switchers/GPIO > Add > Select
Broadcast Tools SS 8.2 from pulldown > OK

Fill in the description as desired.  Select the proper serial port
(com1=serial0, com2=serial1...).  Edit the input and output labels as
desired under the Configure Inputs and Configure Outputs buttons.

Note when you clicked on the ADD button, it assigned the next available
matrix number.  This number will show in the switcher list when you are

Now go to RDLibrary and create some Macro carts.  A command like this

ST 0 4 1!

will switch matrix 0 input 4 to output 1.  Your matrix number may be
different.  Since you are asking these questions, I'll assume you have
not set any switchers up yet, so the default matrix number will be '0'.

Then put these macro carts in your log and you are all set.