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KXStudio or Kubuntu (KDE Desktop) - Can't set colors in RDlogmanager events/clocks

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Can't set colors in RDlogmanager events/clocks using KXStudio or Kubuntu (KDE Desktop)

This is a known bug if you are using KXStudio ppa with the qtcurve style (default).

Problem: For example, I go into edit a clock, chose the color button, pick a color and click OK the color button changes to the one I have chosen, but when I click OK to save the clock and go back to the clocks list its a white color. All colors were setup on different workstations and when I first opened rdlogmanager here on this KXStudio workstation all showed as previously setup, but if I change them from the KXStudio workstation they assume the default color #efefef.

Solution: There is a conflict with the Rivendell application and kde3-style-qtcurve package from the KXStudio ppa. If you apt-get remove kde3-style-qtcurve then you will be able to set colors on events/clocks. Or if you install the qt3-qtconfig package and then run qtconfig-qt3 and select another style other than qtcurve and save that, you will also be able to then set colors on events/clocks in rdlogmanager.