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Wishlist - Feature Requests - TODO

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This is a somewhat outdated "wishlist" or feature request list for enhancements to Rivendell. Over time they can be dated and prioritized.

As of 2020, post your feature requests to the Github issues tracker.

  • RDLogManager, The ability to make events which "end in time" (TIMED END)
  • RDairplay, The ability to voicetrack within this module
  • DEFAULT LOG, When there is no log to load, it would be good to have RDAirplay load the default log.

(Re-requested on June 15, 2010)

  • HOLIDAY LOG, this feature would be added to the LOG GRID and all you to set up a Holiday log during times when station employees are off.

  • rdlibrary , normalize after live record or manual normalize (2007-08-28):
Would the RD architecture allow for a Normalize button in the main
RDLibrary edit screen so any cut could be normalized on demand?
Something else I thought of would be to have a button in the RDLibrary
marker editor window that would set the gain to a "normalized" level if
actually reprocessing the wave file is undesirable.

  • FreeBSD Support (2007) - I wrote patches that I have been using for ~6 months. I will submit them once I update them to work with the latest CVS. Ampmouse 22:11, 14 September 2007 (CEST)
  • Shortcut keys (2007):

i.e. the ability to press F9 to "play", F7 to "fade&go" to the next item in the log, F11 to stop at the end of the current item in the log.... Or just the ability to customize with the function keys.

  • Midi controller support (2007)

the ability to use a MIDI device as a controller for the on-screen button functions. - Unbeknownst to me I've actually implemented this feature request. See: Mailing list reference --FOTempel 23:48, 3 August 2010 (CEST)

  • Automated Request System (2008)

The ability to make a request online, and have rd add it somewhere in a log that is playing. (Re-requested on June 2010)

  • scrobbling / facebook / twitter ...

Some feature that enables the now and next infos to be customized as follows: 1. Music carts (or some specific group) would be scrobbled to the api, so the music playlist is added to the radio profile in 2. something customizble to automatic post in facebook or twitter, something as : the last 3 songs were, entering now on air the program A; in 5 minutes program B will be on air... something that triggers this info so they are posted via this apis.