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What to use the Aux1 and Aux2 logs for?

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You'd be surprised what I've seen people use those aux logs for! --- Well, MY curiosity has been awakened, What kinds of creative uses have you heard about?

  • Run three separate radio stations from one RDAirPlay
  • Run background bumps for pre-recorded traffic reports.
  • Run music and spots in separate logs
  • Run an 'alarm log' that merely plays announcements in cue to remind operators to perform various tasks
  • Run audio for callers on hold during spot breaks
  • Run a backup log with pre-recorded material in parallel with the main one in case live programming fails.
  • In the case of a live sporting event, run it so that if a weather delay occurs, there is something to quickly go to air with or function as an easy segue at the end of the live cast to get you back on schedule.

Really, your imagination is the only limit. What do you use your aux log for? Got a new idea? Add it to the list!