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Soundcard Compatibility List

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Rivendell can use either ALSA or JACK. This means that most of the time, if a soundcard is supported under one of these sub systems, it should work with Rivendell. Below is a table listing the status of Soundcards working with Rivendell.

Soundcard Sound Module Used Interface Supported Comments
Creative SB Audigy 2 PCI Yes Can be configured to use Front, Rear and C/LF outputs
Creative SB Audigy SE (SB0570) snd_ca0106 PCI Yes Works but clicks heard at start and end of Carts / Cuts
Creative SB Audigy FX (SB1570) PCIe Yes
M-Audio Delta 44 snd_ice1712 PCI Yes
M-Audio Delta 66 snd_ice1712 PCI Yes Rev E might not work with Rivendell
M-Audio Delta 410 snd_ice1712 PCI Yes One Stereo Input, 4 Stereo Outputs, Unbalanced, DB25 connector for Analog Out. RCA adapter or various terminal adapters available.
M-Audio Delta 1010 snd_ice1712 PCI Yes
M-Audio Delta 1010LT snd_ice1712 PCI Yes