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Rivendell limitations & problems

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This page contains a list of known Rivendell limitations and problems.

Support for accented/foreign characters

Rivendell does not support accented characters (Deutsch Umlaut, z. B.)

For more information see Accented/Foreign_Characters.

Varying delay/gap when segueing of 50 to 150 milliseconds

Users may experience a delay of between 50 and 150 milliseconds when segueing between audio items.

For more information see how to fine tune AlSA to minimize the varying delay/gap when segueing

Support for remote voice tracking

Rivendell does not support remote voice tracking (for example, over the internet). However, Version 2 of Rivendell includes support for accessing Rivendell audio via http.

Varying screen resolutions and RDAirplay

RDAirplay, the log playing on-air application in Rivendell, currently only supports screen resolutions of 1024 x 768, if you want it to fill the screen. Runing at resolutions lower than this will only show part of the screen and is not advised. Running at higher resolutions will work however you can not get RDAirplay to fill the screen. To make RDAirplay fill the screen at other resolutions is on the todo list.

Reliable Music Scheduling

RDAirplay will not reliably choose music and balance number of plays on cuts. Managing hard join times is tricky without an external music scheduler. Powergold Music scheduler has learned to play nice with Rivendell.