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Rivendell daemons

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Rivendell has several daemons that run in the background helping things work.

The daemons can either be started during system boot up, via the /etc/init.d script, or they can be started as needed by the Rivendell programs using PAM. In the latter case, where the daemons are started as needed, the pam_rd PAM module can be used to ensure any old instances of the daemons are cleared out when a user logs in.

The order the daemons start is important, as they depend on one another. Here they are listed with the top most items started first:

  • 1) jackd [optional] (the jack audio connection kit daemon which allows for routing of audio from one application to another, only used if using the jack audio subsystem)
  • 2) caed (the core audio engine daemon, which reads the audio files and plays them to the sound card)
  • 3) ripcd (the rivendell interprocess communication daemon)
  • 4) rdcatchd (a daemon to run batch jobs capturing and sending out audio)
  • And then finall the Rivendell Applications can start (ex: rdairplay, rdlibrary)

Rivendell daemons.jpg