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Getting Started

Rivendell Overview


Install the software

Debian packages are available from the repository at

Ubuntu packages are available from the repository at

What is a really easy install for Ubuntu is the RRAbuntu Live CD installer.

Gentoo users see Install under Gentoo.

SUSE packages can be downloaded from the main Rivendell website in the download section. Tim Camp has also put together an OpenSuse 11.2 CD with Rivendell.

You can install Rivendell by compiling from source for other linux distros. Source code is available with instructions in a tarball or zip file on the main Rivendell website in the download section.

Create Rivendell-Users on your system

Create a dedicated user (like radio) which will be used to run the jack server and Rivendell applications. This is a Linux level user there will be Linux level, database level and Rivendell level users. See Users for an expanded description of users.

As root, add the user 'radio' and add it to the group 'audio'

useradd -g audio radio

Make 'rdadmin' run

Ensure, that your sql-server and client is installed. For debian users: The package names are "mysql-server", "mysql-client".

Run the console and type "rdadmin". If your mysql-server was installed properly a small window will appear to ask for your username and password. Else a message will appear that your sql-server is not responding. In this case install your sql-server by using your systems packagemanagement. (yast, apt-get, emerge, ...)

Example for debian users:
> apt-get update
> apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client

Now the hard work begins! You have to initialize your sql-database.

Create a rivendell database and a user:

mysqladmin -u root create rivendell

This should create a database named 'rivendell'. If you have a password don't forget to put -p on the commande line like : mysqladmin -u root -p create rivendell

mysql -u root mysql
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON rivendell.* TO radio@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'radio';
mysqladmin -u root flush-privileges

If you recieve the follwing error message:

QSqlDatabase: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded.

On Debian distributions you must install the qt-sql-lib (am I right?).

On Gentoo, qt was probably upgraded or installed without the "mysql" USE flag

USE="mysql" emerge -av qt

Its better to include "mysql" in your USE= section of /etc/make.conf

Before you can use all features of 'rdadmin' your sounddrivers have to work: mostly this means jack and alsa is running.

Make the sound run

This is the most difficult part.

Install jack

If you're using Ubuntu see Install Rivendell on Ubuntu If you're using Debian see Install under Debian If you're using Gentoo see Install under Gentoo

This is the most exciting part. Remove this links if the installation-progress is working!

Getting To Know The Rivendell Tools


RDLogin (rdlogin) is used to authenticate a user to the client applications and back-end systems (e.g. access to the data in the system database, the core audio engine, and the playout engine).--GhostRider 00:22, 7 Jul 2005 (CEST)


RDAdmin is a comprehensive system configuration and management tool. With it the Rivendell Administrator can add/edit user groups, create/edit users, manage the serial switcher and audio port configurations, in addition to being able to backup and restore the system database. --GhostRider 00:12, 7 Jul 2005 (CEST)

Manage Users

This section sets up the different users that might be using the system. It is the "security" system of sorts allowing the users certain functions in Rivendell, but deny