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RML MB command - How to use the Rivendell Macro Language (RML) Message Box (MB) Display

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Message Box (MB) - Display

Q: Does anyone know within the RML Message Box MB command what the X Display <display> value needs to be?

A: It's the 'address' (X11-style) of the display where you want the message to appear. On a conventional single monitor setup, you would do something like this:

MB :0.0 1 Hello World!

This would put the message on display '0' of the local system (i.e. the one that originated the message).

If you have a dual-monitor setup, you could send it to the second screen by doing:

MB :0.1 1 Hello World!

The syntax also supports sending messages to other systems, but I'll leave you to read about that yourself (see the X(7) man page). The system receiving the message (or 'X Server', in X11 parlance) must also be configured to allow the connection; see the notes in 'MESSAGE_BOX.txt' for information about that.

Frederick F. Gleason, Jr., Chief Developer, Paravel Systems