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RDCatch - How to manually run missed events

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Q: I've got an event set up in RDCatch to auto-download a show from the internet each day at 10:15 am. Unfortunately that machine got turned off and didn't download the content.

When I rebooted, I found the event just seems to have been ignored, a download did not start. And that got me thinking - is there a way to manually start a download event that RDCatch might have missed for some reason? Even if it misses the scheduled "start time", in this type of situation - if the difficulty gets found before something needs to go to air, it would be helpful to be able to start the event.

A: Go in to RDCatch, open the event, check Make OneShot, set the time to a time in the near future, click Save As New, click OK This will make a new event that will run then disappear after running.