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Fading in RDAirplay

Q: At the top of a clock, I want to fade the music for 4 seconds just before the next start time (00:00 in next clock)

I created an event Called FADE. It is a macro PS 1 4000!

If I run this macro with RDCatch at 59:56, everything works but I have to program for each hour !

If I put this macro in a clock, it does not work as I would like.

the clock:

57:00 MUSIC EVENT (music, segue) 
59:56 FADE EVENT (this macro, hard start time, PLAY transition ) 
next clock starts with a liner 

But at 59:56 the music stops abruptly, then it is the liner that is faded !

How do I get the music to fade at 59:56 and the liner resume at normal volume?

A: Ok, Here is how you can have a fade in RDAirplay at a certain time then stop the automation. No need for a macro.

1) Determine how long you want your fades to be when Rivendell segues to a hard start time (Start at + Start Immediately) event. Then go to RDAdmin>Manage Hosts>Select the Host>Edit>RDAirplay>Force Segue and enter the fade time in milliseconds. I am going to use a 4 second fade for this example so I put in 4000.

2) Record or use an audio editor to generate a audio file with the same length of silence (as entered in the Force Segue field above) and import this into RDLibrary.

3) Setup your log this way

57:00 MUSIC EVENT (music, segue) 
59:56 4 seconds of silence EVENT (hard start time, PLAY transition ) 
next clock starts with a liner

This can also be used to stop the automation at a certain time and fade down whatever is playing before joining a satellite feed. Use a Transition Type of Stop on the next item in the log with a Start at: time to get the log rolling again after the feed.