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LAB - stand-alone system for the automated, unattended recording and playback of audio

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About LAB

LAB is designed to be a stand-alone system for the automated, unattended recording and playback of audio in a professional broadcast environment. Automatic selection of source channels is supported, by means of an outboard switcher or satellite receiver, as well as the ability to run arbitrary shell commands (such as audio encoders) as part of the recording process.

LAB GPIO Support

Support for network-style closure events, or 'relays', is also available through the use of one or more 'Digital I/O boards', available from MeasurementComputing. As of this writing, the following boards are supported:

PCI-PDIS08 -- Eight Channel In/Out

PCI-PDIS16-- Sixteen Channel In/Out

PCI-DIO24 -- Twenty Four Channel In or Twenty Four Channel Out

Use of one of these boards requires use of the GPIO driver -- see the INSTALL file for download instructions.

Air checking using gpi

There is a pretty complete set of man pages included. One note about nomenclature: there are actually *two* programs included in the 'lab' package, lab(1) and labd(8). Lab(1) is a basic cart wall application (ncurses based and hence not particularly exciting on a modern GUI system). Labd(8) is the record daemon; that's what you want to be looking at for air checking.

LAB Security

IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTE The default installation of the Linux Audio Backstop is not secure! Specifically, you need to be sure to properly define the 'Owner=' and 'Group=' directives for your system in the '/etc/lab.conf' file, otherwise any user with access to the Web Catcher interface will be able to schedule arbitrary shell commands on the system with root permissions. See the lab.conf(5) man page for details on setting these directives.

For detailed installation instructions, please see the INSTALL file. Detailed configuration and user information can be found in the man pages, created as part of the standard installation. Type 'man 1 lab' after installing to get started.

Where to download

LAB can be downloaded here.

Problems Compiling

Q: Trying to compile lab. configure does fine, however make halts with a

error: asm/io.h: No such file or directory

I have kernel source and headers installed. I have compiled gpio.

io.h does exist it is in /lib/modules/linuxkernelname/source/include/asm-generic/

I am no expert at compiling from source, it looks like make is looking in the wrong place.

any suggestions as to why make cannot find this library?

A: Googling a bit and you will found that <asm/io.h> is old. You have to change it to be <sys/io.h> Then LAB will compile.