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Rivendell Change Summary

This page contains updated version change descriptions in summary form (for recent versions, since 2.10.1). Please consult the ChangeLog and NEWS files in the source code for a more complete list of changes and bug fixes.

2.19.1 (2018-03-27)

  • Database verson 275
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug in rdlogmanager(1) that caused DB corruption when a clock was deleted while still being assigned to a grid.
  • Functionality: Implemented support for DMA bus-mastering for AudioScience HPI devices. This release supports the latest ASI cards that require DMA bus-mastering support. You may also need to update the hpklinux driver to v4.20.10 or later. RPMs for CentOS 7 are available at Paravel’s website.
  • Functionality: Removed rdhpiinfo(8). Replaced by the stand-alone ‘hpiinfo’ package.
  • Functionality: Removed the event time check for Playout events in rdcatch(1), as there is no sane way to determine a consistently ‘free’ playout time in the face of shifting cut lengths.

2.19.0 (2018-02-22)

  • Database verson 275
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug in rdlibrary(1) that caused evergreen carts/cuts to fail to be highlighted in the correct color
  • Functionality: Added the ability to specify automatic log deletion on the basis of either the Creation Date or Air Date of the log
  • Functionality: Log Importation Changes. Changed music and traffic importation so that parent link events are still visible in linked logs
  • Functionality: Log Locking: implemented a system-wide protocol to prevent changes made to a log on one host from being inadvertently overwritten from another host

2.18.2 (2017-12-29)

  • Database version 272
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that caused creation of new clocks in rdlogmanager(1) to fail to initialize music scheduler components correctly in the database

2.18.1 (2017-12-22)

  • Database version 272
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that caused creation and initialization of a new Rivendell database to fail

2.18.0 (2017-12-21)

  • Database version updated to 272
  • Bug fix: Various bug fixes. See the ChangeLog for details
  • Functionality: Group Cut Expiration Policy: Added the ability to set a default End Date/Time for new cuts on a per-group basis
  • Functionality: Host Short Name: Added a Short Name parameter to Host profiles
  • Functionality: Macro Carts: It is now possible to use filepath wildcards in macro carts
  • Functionality: New Host Wildcards: Added two host wildcards: %r for Rivendell Host Name, and %R for Rivendell Short Name
  • Functionality: Provisioning Support: Added four new directives and to the [Provisioning] section of /etc/rd.conf
  • Functionality: MySQL Configuration: Added three parameters to the [mySQL] section of /etc/rd.conf
  • Functionality: Dropbox Enhancements: Added the ability to specify creation of default Segue Markers when processing files via dropbox
  • Functionality: RDImport/DropBox Enhancements: Added the ability to specify start and end datetimes via metadata pattern
  • Functionality: RDCatch Event Filtering: Added the ability to filter by event type in RDCatch
  • Functionality: Log Searching: A search filter (similar to that employed for seaching for carts) has been added to the List Logs dialogs
  • Functionality: Service Filtering in RDLogEdit: Added the ability to limit the visible set of logs in RDLogEdit by user
  • Functionality: Log Purge/Deletion Changes: Logs created manually (in rdlogedit(1) or rdairplay(1)) are now assigned a default purge/deletion date in accordance with the setting in RDAdmin->ManageServices
  • Functionality: Log Importation Changes: Changed music and traffic importation so that parent link events are still visible in linked logs
  • Functionality: Web API Changes: Added ‘FILTER’ and ‘RECENT’ call parameters to the ‘ListLogs’ Web API call
  • Documentation: Documentation Overhaul: The Rivendell Operations and Administration Guide has been exapanded and incorporated as part of the base Rivendell source in docs/opsguide. This guide is available as a separate CentOS package: rivendell-opsguide
  • Documentation: Rivendell APIs: The various application programming interfaces (notably the web API) is now documented and is included with the standard distribution

2.17.0 (2017-10-11)

  • Database version updated to 268
  • Bug fix: Web API: Many fixes and enhancements to improve operation
  • Bug fix: Many other bug fixes; see the ChangeLog for all the details (search for 2.17.0 and work your way backward through the list of changes)
  • Functionality: Dropboxes: Added the ability to force imports to be imported as mono, also added the ability to reset individual dropboxes
  • Functionality: New Switcher/GPIO Devices: Support has been added for the following Switcher/GPIO devices:
  • Broadcast Tools Universal 4.1 MLR>>Web Switcher
  • WheatNet LIO
  • WheatNet SLIO
  • Functionality: Macros: Added the ‘Air Gate’ [‘AG’] RML to permit conditional execution of RML on the basis of the status of the On-Air flag
  • Functionality:
  • Functionality: User Authentication: It is now possible to configure RDLogin to require entry of the user-name, rather than picking the name off of a list. See the ‘Show User List in RDLogin’ checkbox in RDAdmin->SystemSettings
  • Functionality: Log Rendering (EXPERIMENTAL): It is now possible to ‘render’ a log as a single audio object (file or cart/cut) without the need to play it out while capturing the audio in realtime. Render support is available through the ‘Render’ button in RDLogEdit and through the command-line rdrender(1) utility. See the rdrender(1) man page for details
  • Functionality: Provisioning Support. Added a [Provisioning] section to rd.conf(5) with directives to facilitate the automatic provisioning of Rivendell instances. See the comments in the [Provisioning] section of the sample rd.conf(5) file
  • Artwork: New Icons: Implemented a new icon set, with individualized icons for each Rivendell module

2.16.0 (2017-06-02)

  • Database version updated to 263
  • Bug fix: Many bug fixes; see the ChangeLog for all the details (search for 2.16.0 and work your way backward through the list of changes)
  • Functionality: Audio Store Hashing. Rivendell now automatically generates a SHA1 hash for each file in the audio store and records this value in the database, thus permitting automated recovery of audio in the event of loss or damage to the audio store's filesystem directory
  • Functionality: Added switcher support for Kernel GPIO devices, such as the GPIO interface on the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3
  • Functionality: Added switcher support for Modbus TCP devices
  • Functionality: Added an rdconvert(1) utility
  • Functionality: It is now possible to delegate authentication of Rivendell users by means of a PAM module, thus permitting ‘single sign-on’ integration with systems such as ActiveDirectory and FreeIPA
  • Functionality: Added various methods to the Rivendell Web API to permit integration with external audio and log editors

2.15.3 (2017-03-24)

  • Database version 259
  • Bug fix: Fixed bugs in MP3 file importation that caused files with variable bit rate (VBR) to be truncated during import.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that caused dynamically loaded codec libraries to fail to be detected if the corresponding library’s so-called -devel package was not installed.
  • Functionality: Added an RLM for generating TagStation RLM events for NextRadio.
  • Functionality: Added AddLog, DeleteLog and SaveLog calls to the web API, along with general cleanup and correction of the overall Web API subsystem.

2.15.2 (2017-01-13)

  • Database version 259
  • Documentation: Document the interfaces for inserting inline traffic breaks and for inserting voice track markers (also add an example in docs/examples/)
  • Bug fix: in rdadmin/createdb.cpp that caused obsolete fields in the 'SERVICES' table to be included when creating a new database.
  • Bug fix: in lib/rdwavefile.cpp that caused RDXL chunks to be written with odd chunk lengths.
  • Bug fix: in lib/rdsimpleplayer.cpp that caused RDAirPlay to freeze when attempting to audition an expired cart.
  • Functionality: Added a LockRdairplayMemory= parameter to the [Hacks] section.
  • Functionality: Modified the LiveWire Multicast GPIO driver to generate GPO events using the 'I' event type.

2.15.1 (2016-08-05)

  • Database version 259
  • Bug fix: fixed WAV file export code to enhance compatibility with third-party applications

2.15.0 (2016-07-29)

  • Bug fix: complete support for the MySQL/MariaDB InnoDB database engine (for better transaction processing of database updates)
  • Functionality: enhancements to rdexport that include full metadata in RDXML format
  • Functionality: add CLI command rdclilogedit that enables editing of Rivendell Logs from the command line (without a GUI app)
  • Functionality: Update the database to version 259.

2.14.1 (2016-06-11)

  • Database version 258
  • Bug fix: additional fixes for newer versions of MySQL (and MariaDB)

2.14.0 (2016-06-10)

  • Database version 258
  • Functionality: add the ability to capture real-time events in RDCatch recordings and replay the events in sync with the captured audio
  • Functionality: add RML Macro Cut Event (CE) for placing real-time event markers into active RDCatch recordings
  • Functionality: add support for specifying precise start time and length parameters for Traffic events that are embedded in Music events
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug in RDAdmin that could cause creation of a new database to fail
  • Bug fix: fix issues that prevent compilation under newer versions of the GNU C compiler suite
  • Bug fix: various enhancements and fixes to the new(ish) rdexport utility
  • Bug fix: initial support for newer versions of MySQL (and MariaDB)
  • Bug fix: add code to allow embedded traffic breaks to be specified with start time and length in the music schedule.

2.13.0 (2016-05-10)

  • Database version 255
  • Functionality: add RLM plugin for the Paravel Systems WallTime clock
  • Functionality: add new CLI command rdexport to export Carts with metadata
  • Functionality: new report: Cut Log that includes the Description field for played events
  • Bug fix: fixed a crash in RDLibrary when attempting to open multiple Carts
  • Bug fix: fixed RDLogEdit to improve performance when saving and updating logs
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that caused marker data to be deleted when exporting a Cut

2.12.0 (2016-04-14)

  • Database version 254
  • Functionality: add support for sequential Cut play-out - you can now configure carts to play cuts in a fixed, sequential order rather than by weight value
  • Functionality: add support for Broadcast Tools switchers
  • Functionality: add RML macro Copy Cut (CP) to copy cuts between carts
  • Functionality: add option to show only “recent” logs in RDLogEdit
  • Functionality: add new web API methods related to Scheduler Codes
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that caused issues with Services containing the “-” (dash) character

2.11.0 (2015-09-18)

  • Database version 252
  • Functionality: add RDCatch upload/download protocols sftp and scp
  • Functionality: add support to import MP4/AAC files
  • Functionality: add support for the Ross NK series video switcher
  • Functionality: add support for PCM24 in the core audio library code
  • Bug fix: re-wrote the CD ripper code to make it faster and more reliable
  • Bug fix: fixed several bugs related to audio data and buffering
  • Bug fix: Normalized service clock data from the 'SERVICES' to the 'SVC_CLOCKS' table

2.10.3 (2015-02-24)

  • Database version 242
  • Functionality: add RLM (plugin) for Live365 streaming service (which is defunct as of Summer 2016)
  • Functionality: add “MrMaster” and “Spin Count” reports
  • Functionality: add support for audio switcher devices that use the “Software Authority” protocol
  • Functionality: add ability to set segue markers in the CLI app rdmarkerset
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that caused issues with Services containing a <Space> character in the service name

2.10.2 (2014-11-25)

  • Database version 242
  • Functionality: CLI rdimport enhancement: add two date-related options to the command
  • Functionality: add column for ELR data in RDLogEdit
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug in the Audio Science adapter for cards with only AES3 ports

2.10.1 (2014-11-04)

  • Database version 242
  • Functionality: add “DSP utilization and profiling” info for Audio Science adapters
  • Functionality: add the column “EXT DATA” to the “Edit Log” screen in RDLogEdit
  • Bug fix: fixed a memory fault (crash) in RDLogEdit when dropping a cart that was being used in a log