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Call Commander Call Screener System - a Qt-based program for managing live radio talk programs.

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About Call Commander

The Call Commander Call Screener System is a Qt-based program for managing live radio talk programs. It currently supports the following broadcast telephone systems:

Comrex/Gentner TS-612

Telos 100 1A2 Key Interface Module

Telos 100 Direct Interface Module

Telos ONEx6 System

Telos 2101 Multistudio Telephone System

Telos TWOx12 Digital Telephone System

Call Commander was designed to be easily extensible to additional types of telephone systems. If you don't see your hardware on this list, e-mail me!

See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The v1.5.x series of CallCommander versions are *not* backward compatible with the previous 1.3.x and 1.1.x versions. When upgrading, all server and client components should be upgraded simultaneously.

A full set of documentation exists in the form of man pages. Type 'man callcommander' at a shell prompt after installation to get started.

You will probably want to create a configuration file. Call Commander supports several options with regard to file location, see the ml(1) man page for details. To create a configuration, start by copying the file 'samples/default.conf' in the source directory to the proper location and then modify it as necessary. The full format is documented in the ml.conf(5) man page.

Where to download Call Commander

Call Commander can be downloaded at the site