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ALSA/Audigy Multichannel Setup

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Centos 7 Rivendell v2.15+ (may work with earlier but not tested)

Setting up a Soundblaster Audigy card to provide multiple outputs is very easy. This is known to work on SB Audigy 2 (PCI) and SB Audigy FX (PCIe) cards.

  1. Install card into machine. If you are using a PCI card and it doesn't work as expected, try moving the card into a different slot.
  2. Once machine has booted, run RDALSACONFIG. This can be found under Rivendell > Admin in the application menus. You will be asked for a password. This is your CentOS user password, not your Rivendell Admin password.
  3. You should now see something similar to this. In this case we are installing an Audigy FX card into the machine and the default option for installed device worked first time.