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Migrating Systems

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The steps below detail how to move the Rivendell database to a new host PC. I will assume that you have already installed Rivendell on the new host and that it is the SAME version as the old host.

Moving the audio is a simple matter of copying the files in the old host's /var/snd to the new host's /var/snd while ensuring that the file ownership is adjusted on the new host accordingly (i.e. "chown -R rduser:rduser /var/snd").

On existing Rivendell PC

  • Open RDAdmin
  • Click Backup Database
  • Enter "rivendell.sql"
  • Copy "rivendell.sql" to new Rivendell PC

On new Rivendell PC

  • Open RDAdmin
  • Click Restore Database
  • Click YES to warning about overwriting current DB
  • Find and select the "rivendell.sql" backup file
  • When restore is complete, click Manage Hosts in RDAdmin
  • Click Add
  • Enter your host name
  • Select your old host name from the "Base Host On" drop down box
  • Click OK
  • Select your newly created host and edit the IP address to match the new host. (You may also need to edit other information depending on your needs)
  • Click OK when done
  • Consult Renaming a Rivendell host for other things that may need to be done in order to complete the migration

All settings including Host Button Panels for RDAirPlay should have been transferred from the old host.