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(Note to readers: this article is more than 2 years old as of July, 2020 and appears to be thoughts and ideas for a non-existent project.)

Brainstorming for a possible WorkFlow - work in progress, please contribute with ideas


With the the Rivutils/trafficgenny "mysql" schema, we manipulate all the traffic data (number of rotations, clients, dates, etc)

- php, html based, acessed via browser.

- As it is right now, the intervals for rotations are steady, maybe we could adapt it to get the "slots" based on either the availability of the facility grid (get from rivendell - Is that what Drew does with 'Rivutils', right ?) or yet, created inside independently;

Getting the played CARTS from Rivendell - Reporting

A PHP script within this software, reads the played carts from rivendell (associating the PRODUCTION_SRT table - the report one - with some others, like CUTS for getting the PLAY_COUNTER and the "advertiser" in trafficgenny schema 'sheet' table, for getting the name of the client). There are Many possibilities in here. Question: Is it dangerous for stability, consulting the Rivendell schema in real time, associating with others ?

End-user interaction with the Schemas, GUI

. Improving the php/html part of Trafficgenny