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IRC setup steps with gaim

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My client of choice is "gaim" ( ) as it also allows me to chat on various other instant messenger networks. NOTE: the gaim program is now called pidgin and resides at . It works under both linux and has also been ported nicely to windows. Being Free Software, it does not have any addware.

My IRC setup is something like:

 menu / Tools / Accounts / Add
 Protocol: select IRC
 Screen Name: <your choice, I used donfede>
 Password: <blank>
 Alias: <blank>
 optionally you can click on "Show more options" and set
 Real name: <to your name of choice, I set my name>
 On the Accounts window, check On "Online" for the newly created account.
 Once connected you should get a new window for "freenode-connect" where you
 can issue a command preceeded by the forward slash.  Tho "join" command is
 probably the one most used.
 /join #rivendell
 To get brief help on the other commands you can use:
 To see all the current channels you can issue:

Alternatively, if at some point you don't have a chat window up after connecting to the freenode network one can also join a channel via:

 menu / Buddies / Join a Chat
 Account: select the " (IRC)" account created above
 Channel: #rivendell
 Password: <blank>

Brief tips:

If you enjoy keeping logs, there are options to do that under:

 menu  / Tools / Preferences / Logging

When in a chat room (aka channel), you can start a message with another users nick by entering a few characters and tab expanding it (much like bash). This will often highlight their client, bringing attention to them.

While some people use IRC as a social tool, I find it valueble to assist others when stuck and to discuss design in a more realtime mode (from supporting others on #rivendell, to getting QT advice on #qt, to much more general help with linux and audio development on #lad).