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Generating Reports

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Actual Played Report

Q: I'm curious if anyone generates Reports of what RDAirplay actually played. Is there a way to generate such a report? I've tried some things in rdadmin/manage reports but with no success..

A: Choose a Technical Playout Report among the options in RDAdmin>Manage Reports>Add/Edit. After that, type in the folder that the report will be written to, using wildcards for the name of the files.

For example:

Tick the box All for Export Event Types.

Next step is including the services available for the report and the Rivendell client (the one which runs RDAirplay) in the boxes Source Services and Source Hosts.

Also, make sure to select the service and dates in RDLogManager that you want to generate the reports for. After that is working to generate a report for a range of dates that you have played audio via RDAirplay for the service selected you can try to change the report type.