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Automatic Dropbox Mode

Read about dropboxes in the online manual.

See the dialog here, 'RDAdmin>ManageHosts> select host>Edit>Dropboxes' This allows multiple dropbox import services to be easily configured and modified. The dropboxes have the ability to configure a box not to delete source files after import (particularly useful in conjunction with satellite-based audio delivery.

My Dropbox doesn't import any of the audio files I put in there

The path specification needs to include the files too rather than just the directory. For example:
/home/rduser/dropbox1/ as the path in the definition of the dropbox won't work, but
/home/rduser/dropbox1/*.mp2 will work.

How soon are the files imported?

" When checking a dropbox for new files, RDImport will not immediately start an import as soon as it sees a new file. When a new file first appears, it merely takes note of its name and length, which it periodically rechecks. Only when the length has been unchanged for at least thirty seconds does it conclude that the copy is 'done' and begin the import. "

How to get a folder on a remote computer to a dropbox

You need to mount the remote folders into the local file system so that they appear to Rivendell to be available locally.

I did a test on my test machine.

I created a new directory in my home directory /home/rduser/mount

I created a dropbox in RDAdmin with:

Path Spec /home/rduser/mount/* = it will try to import any file added to the dropbox

Metadata Pattern %t. = it will use the filename but not the extension as the title for the cart (extensions come after the period)

I then opened a terminal and mounted the share called "dropbox" which was setup as a guest share.

sudo mount -t cifs // /home/rduser/mount  -o guest = the computer with the samba/cifs/windows share

dropbox = the share name

/home/rduser/mount = the empty folder we created to mount the share in

-o guest = options that we are a guest and do not ask for the password

Then I went to my other machine and copied a file to the dropbox folder and shortly there after I had a cart in RDLibrary ready to play.

There were some hoops to jump through to allow me to do this with sudo. More information here including how to auto mount shares so you do not have to mount it after each boot.