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Oh no, not again!

Cheerleading the adoption of (yet) another automation system.

Swapping out radio automation systems is kind of like rebuilding your home after a fire or a flood. It’s a massive, disruptive change for the entire station(s). You may want to think again if you’re thinking about doing this... I’ll wait...

Okay! So, you have decided to consider implementing Rivendell. Here is a list of Rivendell benefits you can share with others at your organization:

  1. Implementing Rivendell incurs no on-going software licensing fees
  2. Updating the underlying software (the so-called “operating system“) is under your complete control: no automatic software updates
  3. Rivendell is one of the most stable automation systems available in the Universe
  4. With its macro programming and web application interface it can pretty much do anything
  5. Rivendell is actively developed and supported