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AMB-OS interface software

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About AMB-UX

This software can be used to interface to the AMB-OS satellite receiver. AMB-OS is a a Satellite-delivered File Transfer (SFT) platform where the file is transmitted once and captured on the receiver end. Amb-OS Media has developed a transmission platform which eliminates some of the redundancies, improves reliability and maintains high fidelity by preserving audio files in their digital form. More details about AMB-OS can be found on their website.

Where to download

It can be downloaded at the site.



In Suse the configuration is in Yast.

Other Linux Distros

Other Linux distributions look to edit /etc/amb-ux.conf and replace the default values with the ones for your AMB-OS receiver. I think that you will also need to manually setup the AMB-UX daemon startup script.

Copy the file rc.amb-ux, that comes in the source code package, as the super user to:


Under Ubuntu if you open a terminal where the rc.amb-ux file is you could do this with the command:

sudo cp rc.amb-ux /etc/init.d/amb-uxd

and make it executable with

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/amb-uxd

You will also need to setup the run levels that the AMB-UX daemon will be started and stop on using the update-rc.d command. On an Ubuntu computer:

sudo update-rc.d amb-uxd defaults

should get that setup nicely.

Frequently Asked Questions about the AMB-UX software

Q: How do I rename files with the AMB-UX software?

A: There's no need to manually rename the files in the amb-ux target directory. Just use the appropriate date variables in the file name in the RDCatch download event. For a list of date variables, open a shell and enter

man date

at a prompt.

Q: How do I get to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the AMB-UX software?

A: The amb-ux utility does not have a GUI. It simply maintains a mirror of the files available on the amb-os receiver in a local directory.